FARM-Mapper can be an alternative choice besides other mapping technologies such as large-scale and small-scale aerial photography with manned aircraft and satellite-based mapping, because it can get more detailed, real-time, faster and cheaper data. This technology is very promising to be applied developed and in accordance with Indonesia's topographic and geographical characteristics. FARM-Mapper is equipped with a flight control device or system via radio waves, precision navigation (Ground Positioning System - GPS and Compass), flight control electronics, and high resolution camera equipment.

Key Features :

  1. Can be operated relatively quickly anywhere, and can be done repeatedly to detect changes, so that real-time images can be obtained.
  2. Able to fly low, so that it can produce high-resolution images.
  3. Lower costs for aircraft image taking and maintenance, so that operating costs are more economical.
  4. Wide and varied applications; and
  5. No pilot needed, so it is relatively safe. 
  6. Up to 60 minutes of flight time.
  7. Lots of cameras choices.