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Pixhawk2 is the latest iteration of Pixhawk autopilot, which is an independent open-hardware project. It is a high-end autopilot hardware to the academic, hobby and industrial communities at low costs.

Pixhawk2 supports different kinds of airframes helicopters, multicopters, planes, quadplanes and more!
An easy firmware update is all it takes to repurpose your hardware into a different role.

Modular flight controller :
Reduced integration complexity
Ample I/O for even the most complex airframes
All-in-one design with integrated FMU and IO processors
Vibration-damped IMU board
Increased reliability

The Pixhawk2 Cube has a total of 29 MEMS sensors in it:
3 x 3-axis Accelerometers
3 x 3-axis Gyroscopes
3 x 3-axis Magnetometers
2 x Barometers
It comes 100% RTK GPS ready.
Multiple GPS capability is standard.


The cube: the brains behind the operation
A full carrier board
1 power brick (two power bricks can be used for redundant power.)
Cable set that allows you to connect to your old Telemetry module, GPS and sensors