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FARM-Mapper RTK enable you to produce ultra high precision (cm level) photomaps without Ground Control Points (GCP).  It enable you to map as large as 400 Ha per flight* with its 100 minutes endurance.  The package includes everything you need to do your mapping tasks:

  • 1x Ready To Map FARM Mapper RTK (flight tested)
  • 1 x RTK station unit
  • 1x ready to map Sony RX-100 m2
  • 2x 4S 5.000 mAH Lipo batteries.
  • 1x Lipo balance charger
  • 1x Remote Control in case you want to fly manually
  • 1x Radio modem for your laptop (laptop is not included)
  • 1x 3M modem extended USB cable
  • 1x Wood case
  • Manuals & Tutorials (English and Bahasa Indonesia)

Specification :

  • Wing span : 1900 mm
  • Lenght : 1100 mm
  • Propulsion : Brushless electric motor
  • Material : Coated EPO, very strong and durable.
  • 15+Km range control
  • Flight modes: Autonomous flight, Return to Launch, Manual, Fly By Wire

Warranty :

  • Your purchase includes factory limited warranty (150 days).  See warranty document for more detailed information.





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